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Eight Cylinder Passenger Vehicles


P5153345Cylinder Head; Bare (LH) 5.7L Hemi1144.00 each
P5153346Cylinder Head; Bare (RH) 5.7L Hemi1144.00 each
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Cold Air Intake System

Heat up your ride with a steady flow of cold air! This bolton system is designed to allow cooler outside air through a directional cone filter and funnel directly into the intake manifold. This kit provides noticeable horsepower and torque gains under varying atmospheric conditions. Kit includes all mounting hardware and a pre-oiled, washable/reusable filter.
77060006ABCold Air Kit (2005-06 6.1L 300C, Magnum and Charger SRT8)331.00
77060003ABCold Air Kit (2004–06 5.7L Hemi 300C, Magnum and Charger)331.00

Air Filter

This high-performance filter is constructed with factory tight seals, engineering grade polyurethane, and deep pleats made of four plies of oiled cotton gauze and two layers of screen. It offers high flow and low restriction, better throttle response, and increased filtration and horsepower. Filter is washable and reusable and comes pre-oiled.
P4510481Air Filter (1999–2003 3.5L 300M, LHS, Concorde and Intrepid)44.00
P4510472Air Filter, V8 (2005-06 300C, Magnum and Charger SRT8)44.00

Air Filter Service Kit

Services all of Mopar’s washable/oilable filters for both the Mopar cold air induction systems and Mopar Performance Air Filters.
P5153376 Performance Air Filter Service Kit 14.00

Cat-Back Exhaust — Dual Outlet

Cat-Back Systems feature T304 stainless steel construction (aircraft quality) with mandrel-bent tubing, stainless band (Torca) clamps and polished tips. Free-flow systems provide horsepower and torque gains, improved fuel economy and a deeper tone.
P4510855Cat-Back Exhaust System, (2004-06 5.7L 300C, Charger and Magnum)997.00

Cat-Back Exhaust Systems — RSC

Cat-Back systems feature RSC no-drone technology, with 2.75" 304L stainless steel mandrel bent tubing, stainless (Torca) clamps and polished 4" Pro-Series tips. The patented Power-Pulse RSC™ muffler design delivers the throaty exhaust tones that define your Hemi-Powered ride on the open road.
P5153574 Cat-Back Exhaust System, Dual Outlet (2005-07 6.1L 300C, Charger and Magnum SRT8) 1353.00

Transmission Controller Upgrade / Exchange

Features optimized shift schedule and performance tuned AutoStick® calibration with the hold in gear. This feature will prevent the transmission from upshifting at redline RPM in AutoStick® mode, for sportier driving
P5153332 Transmission Controller Upgrade (2004–06 5.7L 300C, Magnum and Charge 240.00

Deck Lid Spoiler

Add a little kick to the back end of your Hemi-powered beast with this great looking, one-piece deck lid spoiler. Easy to install, it can be painted to match any vehicle color.
77DUB01030Deck Lid Spoiler, 2004–Present Chrysler 300 240.00

Two-Piece Grille Assembly

Bring the Dodge Magnum R/T inspired look to your base or SXT Magnum with this aggressive grille assembly.
77DUB01010Two-Piece Grille Assembly, Chrome, with Black Accents 2004–06 5.7L Dodge Magnum (Except R/T)92.00

Chrome Mesh Grille

This chromed, polished stainless steel grille sets the restyling standard for the popular Chrysler 300.
77DUB01020 Chrome Mesh Grille with Chrysler Winged Badge (2005–06 300)$802.00

Wire Mesh Grille Insert

Inexpensively update the look of your Magnum with this stainless steel wire mesh insert kit.
77DUB01021 Chrome Wire Mesh Grille (2005–06 Magnum) 398.00

Wire Mesh Grille Insert

Inexpensively update the look of your Charger with this stainless steel wire mesh insert kit.
77DUB01022 Chrome Wire Mesh Grille (2005–06 Charger)388.00

Stage 1 Performance Springs

Mopar Stage 1 Performance Springs are for owners who desire a sporty yet comfortable ride. They reduce ride height 1.0" for that low, custom look. The high-tensile spring material ensures durability and heightens spring performance without bind. These factory-produced lowering springs were designed using DaimlerChrysler Engineering specifications to achieve optimal performance. (does not fit SRT8 or Charger R/T).
P5153327Suspension Lowering Springs (2005 Magnum R/T)230.00
P4510854Stage 1 Performance Springs — Front and Rear (2005 300C)267.00

Stage 2 Coilover Suspension Kit

This Stage 2 Coilover Suspension Kit allows up to 1.625" ride height drop.
P4510841Stage 2 Coilover Suspension Kit (2005-07 5.7L/6.1L 300C, Magnum and Charger)1398.00

Anti Sway Bar Kit

Increase steering response and handling. Front bar is 1.25" (32 mm), and the rear is .875" (22 mm). These bars are recommended for use with Stage 2 Coilover Kit (P4510841).
P4510842Anti Sway Bar Kit (5.7L/6.1L 300C, Magnum and Charger) 422.00

Quaife Traction Differential

Quaife Traction Differential improves your vehicle’s launch time and cornering ability. This complete kit includes:
• New carrier bearings
• Axle seals
• Preload shims
• Complete instructions
• Ring gear bolts
P5153693Quaife Traction Differential 2005-2007 RWD
(5.7L 300C, Magnum and Charger)

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