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Drivetrain And Rear Axle Components,
Brakes, Steering And Suspension

Billet Yoke Kits

For use with 742 or 489 housing or Mopar Performance aluminum housing (4876445). Kits include u-bolts and pinion nut.
P45106568 3/4" 10 spline Axle Yoke--1.078" bearing cap, 4130 chromoly billet 191.00
P45106578 3/4" 10 spline Axle Yoke--1.125" bearing cap, 4130 chromoly billet197.50
u-bolt yoke conversion-29 spline
converts standard strap type assembly to stronger u-bolt assembly on dana 60 axels w/type 7290 u-joints. Allows use of stock prop shaft.
P4120714AB u-bolt yoke conversion dana 60. 207.00
u-joint strap and bolt packages
P4120469 type 7290 ( large u- joint) 35.00

Rear Axle Components

rear axle bearing set
specifically designed by mopar performance parts to eliminate the production bearing retainers and axle end play adjuster. each set contains 2 axle shaft bearings, 2 bearing retainer sleeves,2 axle shaft seals and 2 axle flange gaskets. Fits 1965 and newer axles.
P5249444 8 3/4" & 9 3/4" axles 128.50
RWD chrome differential cover
attaching bolts not included.
P3690753 8 1/4" axle 56.00
P3690754 9 1/4" axle,1973 and newer 58.00
chrome attaching bolts
package for chrome rear axle covers.
P4452787 set of 12-7 1/4", 8 1/4", and 9 1/4" 22.50
P5249719 set of 9- 9 3/4" 22.50


master cylinder adapters
for use with mopar performance parts master cylinder assemblies p5249270 and P5249271. contains adapter,2 retaining nuts, to be used with brake cylinder pushrod pkg. p5249316. converts 4 stud to 2 stud attaching style.
P5249315 master cylinder adapter. 38.75

Offset Master Cylinder Adapter

Moves the master cylinder away from the engine for added clearance with Hemi or 440 engine valve covers. Designed specifically for 1968 Hemi A-Body cars. Can also be used for other A-body applications when installed on 426 Hemi engines. For use with P5249270 and P5249271 lightweight master cylinders.
P5249717Offset Master Cylinder Adapter (Hemi A-Body) 118.75

Adjustable Brake Pushrod

For use with P5249270 and P5249271 lightweight master cylinders.
P4510640Adjustable Brake Pushrod65.00

Steering And Suspension

XHD Leaf Springs — Original Equipment

These extra heavy-duty O.E. leaf springs are just like the bias design production springs that were stock on 1968–72 A-Body vehicles with 340 high-performance engines, 1967–71 B-Body vehicles with 440 or 426 manual and automatic transmissions, and 1970–74 E-Body vehicles with 440 or 426 manual or automatic transmissions. Springs will fi t any A-Body (1968–72), B-Body (1966–72) or E-Body (1970–74), regardless of engine size, and come with front bushing installed in assembly. B-Body: front 22", rear 36". Select right or left spring. Lighter cars may sit higher than stock.
P4452982 O.E. Leaf Spring — Right (1966–72 B-Body) 141.75
P4452983 O.E. Leaf Spring — Left (1966–72 B-Body) 141.75
P4452984 O.E. Leaf Spring — Right (1970–74 E-Body) 132.00
P4452985 O.E. Leaf Spring — Left (1970–74 E-Body) 132.00

Competition Leaf Springs — Super Stock

Designed to control torque roll, providing equal bite on rear wheels through limited axle windup. These springs don’t lock up the rear, but allow it to move, keeping the tires on the track where they belong. The rear springs listed below have a 20" front segment and require a longer front spring hanger bracket for B-, E-, F-, J- and M-Bodies (not included). Standard hanger brackets used on A-Body. With P3412002–03, the rear eye in frame is moved forward; Pinion Snubber is recommended. If using P4120863, vehicle will not be level at standstill.
P4120863 right-2800lb car weight-pro gas 126.75
P4120864 left-super gas bracket car 126.75
P3412002 right -original 1968 hemi ss 126.75
P3412003 left- use on modified cars and all race hemi ss. Requires rear shackle relocation on B body cars. 126.75
P3690456 right- 3400lb car weight 148.75
P3690457 left-including 1964-65 ss B- body 132.75
P3690454 right-3800lb car weight 138.75
P3690455 left- B- body 132.75
P4120865 right-3300lb 123.25
P4120866 left-E-body(barracuda-challenger) requires rear shackle relocation on B-body. 123.25
P3690460 right-3600lb 123.25

Solid Leaf Spring front Eye Bushings

Contains (2) 1.5" aluminum spring eye bushings with steel sleeves. Improves spring reaction by cutting down on rubber deflection. Steel sleeve allows free movement of aluminum bushing.
P4510644Aluminum 1 1/2" diameter, 2" length86.25
Rear Shackle Bushings Sets of 8.
P4510643 A-body, high-performance polyurethane 26.28
rear spring shackle bushings
original equipment rear spring shackle bushings are heavy duty rubber for A,B, or E body vehicles. These bushings are factory original equipment for restoration projects.( sets of 8 bushings).
P4452986 A-body (7/8") 48.75
P4452987 B&E body (1") and super stock springs. 12.50
rear spring front hanger bracket sets
2" longer straight type hangers for use with super stock springs.
P4120105 Front Hanger Bracket Set — 116" Wheelbase (1966–70 Plymouth B-Body Sedans, 1971–74 B-Body Wagons) 86.25
P4120080 Front Hanger Bracket Set — 108"/110"/115" Wheelbase (1964–65 Mod. B-Body, 1970–74 E-Body, 1971–74 B-Body HT) 73.75
rear spring mounting seats
these seats work with all 3" diameter tube rear axles.(8 1/4,8 3/4, 9 1/4, 9 3/4")
P4120074 Rear Spring Mounting Seats 10.00
spring relocation kit
moves springs in 3" per side for added tire clearance.mounts longitudinally.requires welding. Includes front hangers,shackles, rear shackle mounts,and spring mounting seats.
P4876558AB A- body 228.75
rear shackles
offset shackle sets: offset is approximately .80" for use on super stock cars with relocated rear springs. Use with offset front hangers.
P4120075 A-bodies 98.75
bolt-in frame connector packages
this package lets you tie the front and rear frame longitudinally on all A or B bodied drag cars.package includes 2 connectors, brackets and necessary mounting hardware.
P4286868 A-body 1967-76(108" wheelbase only) 207.50
P4286869 B-body 1966-mid 1972 207.50
P4286870 E-body 166.80
adjustable pinion snubber
unit fits to front of the rear axle housing. it helps control axle wind-up by adjusting the height to the floor pan,depending on individual requirement.
P3690182 ALL 8 3/4" axle 70.00
Power Steering to Manual Steering Adapter Allows you to convert vehicles equipped with power steering to a manual steering box.
P4510637Manual Steering Adapter201.00
FWD wheel stud set
special FWD wheel studs have increased length for custom and racing wheel applications.a direct replacement for production.
P4349052 FWD 12x1.5mm diameter-ALL L&G bodies front and rear brakes,(4) studs per set 6.50


Set of two Polished Stainless Tie Rod Sleeves that are far superior to the stock OEM style split sleeves. These provide more positive steering and eliminate flex during acceleration or braking for better control. The are made from Solid Stainless Steel Hex Bar and are threaded for right-hand and left-hand. Two sleeves and four jam nuts.
TR-300168-77 A Body Mopar$64.00
TR-3001H68-77 A Body Mopar - Heavy Duty 11/16 $84.00
TR-300262-70 B Body Mopar $64.00
TR-3002H62-70 B Body Mopar - Heavy Duty 11/16 $84.00
TR-300371-74 E Body Mopar $64.00
TR-3003H71-74 E Body Mopar - Heavy Duty 11/16 $84.00

3-7001MOPAR A BODY $185.00pr
3-7002MOPAR B & E BODY $185.00pr

Polished Stainless Washers
3-4620 B BODY & E BODY Rear Shock Absorber Washers
4 per set - Polished Stainless U.S.A. MADE BY MMS
4 per set - Polished Stainless U.S.A. MADE BY MMS
4 per set - Polished Stainless U.S.A. MADE BY MMS
4 per set - Polished Stainless U.S.A. MADE BY MMS
2 per set - Polished Stainless U.S.A. MADE BY MMS
2 per set - Polished Stainless U.S.A. MADE BY MMS

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