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Viper / V10 Parts

High Performance Aluminum 8.3L V10 Crate Engine

P51535988.3L V10 Crate Engine$25,199

Stage 1 Engine Control Module

Spark and fuel tables have been modified to function when "power adders" like headers, cat back exhaust, aftermarket cams and cold air inlet systems are used. The computer will sense the additional air flow and will compensate with appropriate fuel and spark to maximize performance.
Power adders can be used without turning on dash warning lights. Catalysts and O2 sensors can be removed without tripping warning lights or causing limp mode to activate.
Revised fuel/spark tables are intended for power levels below 700 hp (This controller is not intended for use with nitrous, superchargers, or packages that go above 700 hp)
1 - 4 skip shift feature in the production calibration is eliminated.
Rev limit increases from 6400 rpm to 6500 rpm.
Tachometer is more sensitive, 25 rpm updates vs. production calibration of 100 rpms.
Engine idle speed increased from 700 rpm to 750 rpm
The ETC pedal / throttle MAP has been refined to improve pedal feel
93 octane fuel use only

P51552542008-09 Vipers – Off Road Use Only1050.00

Race Exhaust System

The Mopar 3" Race Exhaust System provides low restriction from manifold to tip. Catalytic converters are eliminated (upstream and downstream), and it has a side exit from the sill that removes the H-pipe crossover. This system is more than 30 lbs. lighter than the production exhaust system. The exhaust muffl er is tuned to minimize noise where track restrictions are present, yet it yields a deep sounding exhaust note. Recommended package includes Race Engine Controller (P4510172) and Race Camshaft (P4510171). Total performance increase when Controller, Camshaft and Exhaust are used together:
Horsepower increase = 44 bhp at 4,800 rpm
Torque increase = 48 ft.-lbs. of torque at 4,800 rpm
P4510176 Cat-Back Exhaust System, 2005-2006 Viper street system, SRT10 8.3l V10 single round rolled angle-cut, exits on each side. 2.50 inch pipe- race system910.00
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Cat-Back Exhaust System

Add some extra bite to your Viper. This Cat-Back Exhaust System features stainless steel construction (including the muffl er) with mandrel-bent tubing, which provides horsepower and torque gains, improved fuel economy, and a deeper tone. Includes two muffl ers, right and left turn out assemblies, and four 2-1/2" clamps.
P4510608Cat-Back Exhaust System, 2005-2006 Dodge Viper street system, SRT10 8.3l V10 single round rolled angle-cut, exits on each side. 2.50 inch pipe 545.00

Performance Exhaust System

Offers low restriction with a performance sound. Made from 304 stainless steel, this Performance Exhaust System features 3" diameter tubing for high-volume fl ow, and factory-style band clamps. Exclusive laser-etched Viper logo on polished stainless steel exhaust tips with rolled rims. Bolt-on replacement for production rear exit exhaust.
P5007274 Cat-Back Exhaust System, 1996-1999 Dodge Viper GTS/RT-10 8.0l. V10 dual round angle cut phantom, rear exit, with Viper head logo etched on tips)1447.00

Air Filter

Constructed with factory tight seals, engineering level polyurethane, deep 4-ply pleats of oiled cotton gauze and two layers of aluminum screen. This fi lter offers high fl ow and low restriction, better throttle response, and increased fi ltration and horsepower. Filters are washable and reusable and come pre-oiled.
P4510940 Air Filter (2003–06 Viper SRT10) 41.50


Stainless steel valves offer improved durability. Standard stem length (5.726") with oversize head diameters. Swirl-polished underhead area, chromed stem and hardened tip. Cylinder Head (P4876869) is no longer available through Mopar.
P5007510 2.02 std. length intake valve 20.95
P5007511 1.60 std. length exhaust valve 21.75

GTS-R Engine Parts - Valve

Stainless steel for improved durability. Stem length is 0.100" longer than stock, and head diameter is oversized. Swirlpolished underhead area, chromed stem and hardened tip.
P5007514 Exhaust, 1.60" Diameter, 5.826" Stem (Viper GTS-R) 22.50
Viper Ring And Pinion Sets
P5007022 Ring and Pinion Set — 3/8" Diameter, 3.73 Gear (1996–2006 Viper RT/10 and GTS) 428.00
P5007043 Ring and Pinion Set — 3/8" Diameter, 4.10 Gear (1996–2006 Viper RT/10 and GTS) 295.00

Race Ring and Pinion Sets

Upgraded to stronger 7/16" diameter ring gear retaining bolts. Requires Trac-Lok (P5007555 — no longer available through Mopar) when installed in 1996–2000 Dana Super 44 differential. The 7/16" diameter bolts are included in Buildup Kit (P5007553). 2001 Production Trac-Lok units use 7/16" diameter ring gear retaining bolts.
P5007526Race Ring and Pinion Set — 7/16" Diameter, 3.73 Gear (2000–05 Viper) 382.00

Hurst Short-Throw Shifter

Shift throw reduced by 40%. One-piece shift stick and gold anodized billet aluminum construction for durability. Shift Knob must be ordered separately (shift knob height is reduced for competition feel). This shifter handle does not accept the factory knob, but is designed to accept shift knobs that have a 1/2"; 20 UNF thread.
P4510168Hurst Short-Throw Shifter (1992–2006 All Models) 249.00

Clutch Conversion Kit

Converts a 2005-06 Viper to a 2008 Dual Disc Clutch
(Requires P5155123 Six Speed Transmission Kit - Not compatible on Vipers with a Flywheel Crank Trigger)

P5155122 Clutch Conversion Kit520.00

Six Speed Transmission Kit

2008 Viper 6-SPD Includes: Transmission, Shifter Base, Prop Shaft, Crossmember

P5155123 Six Speed Transmission Kit3173.00

Lightweight Flywheel

High-strength alloy steel fl ywheel is a direct replacement for stock SRT10 part and uses production clutch assembly. Reduction of 9.4 lbs. (31%) in flywheel mass, and 39% in flywheel rotating inertia. No release bearing changes, crank trigger changes or calibration required.
P4510169 Lightweight Flywheel 2003–05 Viper SRT10 822.00
mount1.jpg - 7266 Bytes

High Durometer Transmission Mounts

Urethane mount reduces transmission movement under high- load conditions. Improved life compared to stock rubber mount. Same as used on Comp Coupe.
P4510179 Viper SRT-10 (2003-04) High Durometer Transmission mounts 34.50

Underdrive Crank Pulley

Originally developed for the Competition Coupe. Improves water pump efficiency at high rpms. Constructed of hard-coated aluminum. Requires one of the available Accessory Drive Belts.
P4510177Underdrive Crank Pulley (2003–05 Viper SRT10) 331.00

Race Suspension Kit

Coilover Suspension System:
• Stage 3 adjustable coilovers
• Lightweight aluminum construction
• Double adjustable (compression and rebound)
• Ride height adjustable
• Bridges the gap between street systems and full race systems.
P4510951 2-Way Adjustable Coilover Suspension System (2003-2006 Viper SRT10 Coupe) 4,559.00

Heat Shield Boots

These flexible Heat Shield Boots lower joint temperature and protect rubber boots from thermal cracking. Heat shields slip over existing rubber boots—no modifications required. Recommended for racing use, but also good for street applications. Sold Individually.
P4510144 Ball Joint Heat Shield Boot (1996–2006 Viper) 250.00
P4876844 gts-r spark plug wire set 69.00
P5007142 to install viper in non-viper includes relays connectors,for sensors.instructions 410.00
P5007266 fan and control module 320.00
P4876838AB gts-r&96-00 &97-00 rt/10 269cc&76cc for intake and exhaust ports,18 deg. Inline valve angle, 64cc combustion chamber, beryllium copper valve seats,magnesium bronze valve guides.(each) 3487.00

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