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New Hemi Gen III Parts

Crankshaft Trigger Wheel Kit

P5155041 Crankshaft Trigger Wheel, includes Fasteners, 6.1L/392 Hemi. Does Not Fit 5.7L Crankshafts. 55.00

Vibration Dampers

ATI Super Damper, SFI-approved for street and race applications. Built specifically for high-performance applications, the ATI Super Damper provides balanced dampening of torsional crankshaft vibrations at all RPM. Comes with 360-degree, laser-etched timing marks. 5% O.D.

P5153631 Damper, Crank, SFI, 5.7L Hemi, Truck Timing Cover 728.00

Pushrod Set

Competition chrome moly steel Pushrod set features 6.625" and 7.875" length, 5/16" diameter.

P5153629Pushrod, Chrome Moly Steel, 0.080" Wall, 6.625" and 7.875" Length, 5/16" Diameter, 5.7L/6.1L/392 Hemi, Engine Set 179.00

Cylinder Head Hardware

P5155517Hardware Kit, Stud Set, Cylinder Head, 6.1L Hemi 435.00


P5155631Breather, Billet Aluminum, 5.7L / 6.1L Hemi 171.75


Single Plane Intake Manifold, 7L Crate Engine Single Plane Manifolds — both Carb and EFI versions. EFI version is machined to accept injectors and MAP sensor. Both are drilled with the standard Holley pattern.

P4510581abIntake Manifold, Aluminum, Single Plane, 5.7L Carbureted Engine1025.00
P4510582abIntake Manifold, Aluminum, Single Plane, 5.7L EFI Engine 1025.00

Dual Quad Manifold

This Dual Plane Mid-Riser Intake Manifold can accept two Edelbrock or AFB – style carburetors.

P5153556Intake Manifold, Aluminum, Dual Plane, Dual Quad, Accepts AFB / AVS Style Carburetors. Use with Carburetor and Linkage Kit P5153904, 5.7L Hemi (2003-2008) 427.00


Programmable EMS

“Plug and Play” Engine Management Systems (EMS) These engine management systems will forever change the way you look at and perform fuel injection tuning! User-friendly Windows™ based software (XP, 2000, NT, 98, 95 and ME) makes the task of copying, viewing and manipulating data as simple as a click of the mouse. User-defined templates are easily confi gurable and enable tuners to establish “quick keys” to any pertinent information during the tuning process. The infi nitely adjustable Mopar EMS software allows tuners to program virtually any combination of engine control, power adders and auxiliary devices, and accurately deliver proper amounts of fuel and correct ignition timing for virtually any engine configuration or operating condition. Mopar’s programmable engine management system is capable of adapting to almost any vehicle using “flying lead” wiring harness (available separately). We are confident that this is the most versatile, powerful, and comprehensive universal engine management program available for your Mopar!

Unique features found in Mopar’s universal EMS also include 10 independent, built-in peak and holder injector driver channels, direct drive ignition and dual wideband UEGO controllers. Specially configured injector drivers enable users to utilize either low impedance injectors with a true 4/1 peak and hold injector drive circuit as well as saturated injector drivers for use with high impedance injectors. The direct drive ignition feature allows users to drive a coil directly from the ECU, without the need for an igniter or ignition module. A unique, dual-channel wideband UEGO controller is an essential tuning tool that provides accurate monitoring and tuning of air/fuel ratios (AFR) on heavily modifi ed high-performance engines. In addition, the controller incorporates a dual-channel, defi nable knock sensor control for superior engine protection and tuning flexibility.

P5153608 Programmable EMS — Carbureted Applications2190.00

Note: For crate engine or conversion of 5.7L or 6.1L into an older classic car or truck. Not designed for newer vehicles already equipped with a 5.7L 0R 6.1L Hemi.

Engine Wiring Harness- Programmable

Mopar Performance stand-alone engine harnesses are designed to provide everything you need to properly wire your car in one simple confi guration. Each master wiring harness includes built-in fuses and relays for fans, pumps, auxiliary power, and more. Harness has bundle identifiers for easy identification and installation to production Mopar sensors. Secure, “bolt-in” plug mates to Mopar EMS controller and eliminates any chance of separation. Each harness incorporates fl ying-head UEGO branches, allowing custom positioning of both left and right UEGO sensors.

P5153530AB Wiring Harness, 392 Hemi Crate Engine, EFI 964.00
P5153607AB Wiring Harness, 392 Hemi Crate Engine, Carb. 751.00

EMS, Programmable, Kits

The EMS Programmable Kits combine Mopar's programmable Engine Management System with a stand-alone engine harness.

P5153920EMS Kit, Programmable, with Control Unit and Harness, for use with 392/6.1L/5.7L Hemi with Carbureted Intake and 2006 and newer Coils. Contains P5153607AB and P5153608 2497.00
P5153916EMS Kit, Programmable, with Control Unit and Harness, for use with 5.7L Hemi with Carbureted Intake and 2003-05 Coils. Contains P5153606AB and P5153608 2497.00
P5153917EMS Kit, Programmable, with Control Unit and Harness, for use with 5.7L Hemi with four-barrel Throttle Body (P4510363) and four-barrel EFI Intake (P4510582) and 2003-05 Coils. Contains P5155529AB and P5153528 2785.00

EMS, Accessories

P5155068 Hall Effect EMS & Electric Speedometer Sender. Sixteen pulse per revolution. Hall effect sender. 7/8-18 thread. .104 x .104 square drive key, with mechanical pass through for cruise control. 133.00
04861552AC IAC Motor, For Use With Hemi Applications 83.00
56041018ADMAP Sensor, For Use With Hemi Applications 73.00
P5155065Pin Connector Kit (5 pre-terminated wires) for adding inputs/outputs to the Mopar Programmable EMS Units 05017479AA TPS, For Use With Hemi Applications 33.00

52107555ab Clutch Fork 37.75
52087542Pivot Ball 12.25
53008342Release Bearing 100.00
04338855Spring, Clutch Release Fork 6.50

Note: Some modifications will be necessary to adapt a hydraulic system to your vehicle.

Clutch Plate, Hemi Conversion

Street/Strip clutch plate with 1-1/8" 26-spline hub for Tremec TKO (5-speed) transmission. Sprung hub for smoother engagement. Constructed of organic material; capable of 500 ft.-lbs. of torque.

P5153594CLUTCH PLATE 88.90

Cylinder Head Tie Bars

bars hemi

For the HEMI Gen III, valvetrain tie bars increase the stiffness of the rocker shaft attachment to the cylinder head and provide increased valvetrain stability at higher RPMs.

P5155654 Tie Bar, 2005-08 5.7L Hemi, 2005-10 6.1L Hemi $369.00
P5155655 Tie Bar, 2009-10 5.7L Eagle, 2011 6.4L $358.80

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